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Why is our oil different?

Our extra virgin olive oil is the result of a vigilant and meticulous work that already begins when the olive grove is planted to go through constant monitoring of the plants in the further stages of fertilization, pruning, fruit picking and milling.

With our Oil discover the scents and flavors of Matese

The extra virgin olive oil we produce has vegetable aromas that refer to apple, banana and artichoke, the latter essence which is also confirmed in the taste. It also releases hints of tomato and medicinal herbs.

The nose is appreciated for its notes of cleanliness and freshness which make it pleasantly fruity; on the palate it has good fluidity, it is harmonious in its bitter and spicy notes of medium intensity.
In closing it releases notes of thistle and sweet almond, characteristics of the Tonda del Matese

In 2019 we obtained the Certification of Organic Farm as regards the fruit (olives and grapes) and now we are a company in total organic conversion (waiting to receive the certification)
We currently market 2 lines of organic extra virgin olive oil: the Monocultivar and the Blend
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